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Welcome to Bridge

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Welcome to Bridge Loyola University Chicago! Here are a couple quick answers to some questions you might have.

Why did you start Bridge? Short Answer: to give businesses started by Loyola students more exposure.

Long Answer: I started my own small business (Bardelli's Market) and really had no clue how to grow it. I knew it was never going to be some multi-million dollar company, but I was looking to reach more people than just my close friends and family. I tried finding resources online, yet could never found exactly what I was looking for. With that in mind, I decided to talk to some friends who also had small business and they echoed the same thoughts that I had, so I figured why not start my own thing. And thus Bridge was born.

I thought the website was called Bridge YSE?

Yes, originally my idea started off as Bridge Youth Start-Up Endeavors. It was the same premise, but it was focused on kids with small businesses around the country. While it received a solid response when I first launched it, the site lacked direction. By changing it to Bridge LUC, there is a clear focus on Loyola students and it is much easier to find the people I want to reach, and as a plus, I already know many of the kids with small businesses at the school.

What is your goal for Bridge LUC?

Currently, my goal for Bridge LUC is to have every Loyola student small business listed on this website. That may or may not be feasible, but I think it would be beneficial to everyone across campus to have a place to go to see all the cool things students are doing. My goal in the long run is to hopefully expand Bridge into other schools across the country.

Are you directly affiliated with Loyola Chicago?

As of now we are not, but we hope to be in the future.

Your site looks cool, but I am unsure about joining.

I completely understand. Bridge is small right now, but the great thing about that is the people who join have the ability to tailor it exactly to their needs. The more people that join, the more successful it will be for everyone. I encourage anyone with a small business to fill out the form under the join tab, and then I will get in contact with you and we can personally talk to see if joining Bridge is the right thing for your business. Also, Bridge is open to listing people with pseudo-businesses, such as music artists, graphic designers, etc. So if you or anyone you know falls under this category, please reach out to me so we can talk about listing on Bridge.

I don't have a small business, but I would love to help Bridge.

The number one thing you can do to help Bridge is to follow our Instagram page @bridge.luc. If you want to do more, it would be extremely helpful if you could encourage anyone at Loyola with a small business to join Bridge. Last, if you are really passionate about the idea of Bridge and want to help me out in any way, please DM our Instagram page.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions, comments, or ideas, please reach out via our Instagram page. We appreciate all your support!

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