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NEW COLLECTION: Castaway Club Clothing

With Castaway Club Clothing's release of the Macadamia set, I took some time to speak with owner Tim Lally about his newest collection.

What was your inspiration for the set?

"I really wanted to bring back that feeling from being a kid and maybe it was getting up early before school and watching cartoons and eating breakfast, of just being content and happy. I love having a feeling that I want to emulate with each design, and I really enjoy the challenge of trying to get something that translated over from just a feeling into a tangible thing that you can reach out and feel or see and experience for yourself."

How long did it take you to create the set?

"Once I had finally figured out the direction I wanted to go in, it only took 2 or 3 days to hammer out all the little nuances in the designs."

What is your favorite part of the set?

"I love how the colors all play together. I’ve always been a huge fan of the deep contrast between white and black, then being able to have a nice green with it really brought out the boldness in the design."

What is a part of the Macadamia set?

"Just sweatshirts and tee shirts for this one. Coming off the success from the Great Outdoors set we were able to start production on a lot more designs and were really excited about our next couple months!"

How long will you be selling this set?

"Until they’re sold out!"

This set is exactly the type of feel that you need for the home stretch of Zoom university. Make sure to act quick and buy soon, as only limited quantities are available. As always, thanks to Tim for taking the time and helping out Bridge LUC.

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