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New-wave social media built on the map

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What's happening nearby?

Who's still on campus?

Are the clubs lit tonight?

Spott's got you covered


Crowdsourcing of information provides a real time map of the world around you, which will only improve in functionality as more users join.

Currently, we are working on building a group feature that will add better privacy controls and help sort the content by interests, e.g.  “food”,  “nightlife”, “soccer”, etc.

In addition to groups, we are also adding a data scraping layer which will pull data from FourSquare, Yelp, Google Places, and GrubHub to add more utility to the map.

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About the FOunder

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Hey everyone, my name is Sam Sendelbach 👋. I'm building Spott with two amazing co-founders Dayo Adeosun and Varun Iyer. I spent two years between high school and college working for a material science company building acoustic levitators ( I study data science at Loyola class of 2021 and play D2 rugby for the school.

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