Though not required, many of the businesses listed on Bridge LUC support amazing causes. Check out a brief description of each below


Duchenne muscular dystrophy is a genetic disorder characterized by the progressive loss of muscle. It is a multi-systemic condition, affecting many parts of the body, which results in deterioration of the skeletal, heart, and lung muscles. PPMD’s advocacy efforts are focused on advancing care and treatments for Duchenne by leveraging federal resources, building partnerships, and creating regulatory procedures and infrastructure. Bardelli's Market supports Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy by donating 5% of each sale to the organization.

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The Chicago Community Bond Fund (CCBF) pays bond for people charged with crimes in Cook County, Illinois. Through a revolving fund, CCBF supports individuals whose communities cannot afford to pay the bonds themselves and who have been impacted by structural violence. By paying bond, CCBF restores the presumption of innocence before trial and enables recipients to remain free while fighting their cases. Zimplisity supports the CCBF by donating 15% of each season's sales towards their organization.

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The Honeybee Conservancy is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting bees and securing food justice through education, research, habitat creation, and advocacy. They strive towards a day when all bee populations thrive in protected habitats, and are supported by an engaged global network. Castaway Club Clothing supports The Honeybee Conservancy by creating a seasonal product line and donating the proceeds to the organization.


Works by Keyes supports hazing prevention in the fight to end mistreatment in Greek Life on college campuses. This is done with the goal of one day having no deaths associated with any type of hazing. Works by Keyes supports hazing prevention by helping to organize and run the Collin Classic, a basketball tournament hosted each year in honor of Collin Wiant, who lost his life to hazing in 2018.