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Castaway Club Clothing is your one stop shop for all things streetwear. A pioneer in Midwestern urban style, Castaway can bring you the next hottest edition to you closet; no matter what your taste is. 

Some Castaway Originals

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Bee's have a downright irreplaceable role in our ecosystem and food chain. The natural beauty of them along with the vital role they play for all humans has always been something that has touched us vary deeply. For those reasons, we do an annual "Bee Collection" where 20% of our profits go towards The Honeybee Conservatory, and last year we were able to donate over $400 towards the cause. Hopefully, long term we will be able to buy our own hive and help make happy, healthy bees right at our office!


My name is Tim Lally, and in the summer of 2017 going into my Sophomore year I finally decided to combine my love of photo editing and art with my desire to open my own small business and formed Castaway Club Clothing. Along with editing for the company, I also took on a life long passion of mine and have been trying to build it from the ground up; streaming. I now stream on Twitch under the name MerchJesus (for obvious reasons), and have been committed to advancing myself as both a human being and as a potential job candidate. Outside of those, I spend everyday just trying to be a good role model for my younger brother, and being a guy my family can be proud of!

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