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Block Out The Blue

Blue Specs are stylish and sleek glasses with a durable frame that help to protect you from the digital screens that are all around us. Featuring clear anti-reflective lenses and vibrant colors, our glasses remain unmatched by any other business.

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We offer multiple styles of glasses at a range of prices which are listed on our website. Some orders come with just glasses, however "bundles" also come with a leather case, micro fiber cloth, and a blue light testing kit so you know they work!

Blue Specs are perfect for students taking online classes, binge watching on Netflix, or scrolling through aimlessly through TikTok.

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About the Owner

My name is Riz, I’m a freshman at Loyola studying marketing. Started Blue Specs back in March (quarantine project) because I noticed a lot of people were suffering from eye strain and I knew everyone would be spending way more time on their screens as usual. I started with $0 and have grown it to where it is now, today we hit 1,850 orders. I wanted to advertise on TikTok because it’s become the hottest platform and is a great way to show off the glasses. Aside from the biz I enjoy photography and taking photos and I also have my own TikTok where I post photo/travel content and I’ve gained 50k followers.