Our mission

To help entrepreneurs at Loyola University Chicago grow their small business while simultaneously contributing to the communities around them.

Requirements to join

In order to apply to potentially have your business listed on Bridge LUC, one must:

  • Be enrolled at Loyola University Chicago when applying to the site

  • Have a selling page that has been active for at least one month 

  • Be committed to running your business for the duration of your college career


Please keep in mind that we aim to accept every business, and will only deny applicant if serious issues arise

What we can do for you

  • Act as a directory to be easily found by students and alumni, or anyone who chooses to use this site

  • Business promotion through social media

  • Work with you to develop your business and provide help where needed

Why you should join

  • It's free

  • More exposure beyond your own platforms

  • Promotion across all our social media platforms 

  • Community of like-minded individuals at your school